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40 best Icebreaker question ideas

By using our list of Icebreaker questions, you can foster teambuilding among your co-workers and make your work environment more exciting.

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Work from home questions

When your team is working from home, setting up opportunities to break the ice can be really helpful.

Icebreakers for virtual meetings

Virtual meetings can be a great way to get people engaged and involved, but it can also be quite stressful and awkward. Use these questions to connect better!

Covid Icebreaker Questions

Curated Icebreaker questions to help your team cope with Covid in a fun and engaging way!

Questions about food

Icebreaker questions that are related to food, drinks and meals. Great for office parties!

Favorite Icebreakers

A list of funny team building questions that I think any team builder would love to have in their collection.

Icebreaker introductions

A simple list of questions to help your team members break the ice and introduce themselves to each other. Guaranteed to make everyone smile!

Questions for meetings

Add some icebreaker questions to your team's meeting and you'll see just how creative and fun your team will become.

Professional Icebreakers

By using our list of Icebreaker questions, you can foster team-building among your co-workers and make your work environment more fun.

Icebreaker question ideas

By using our list of Icebreaker questions, you can foster teambuilding among your co-workers and make your work environment more exciting.

This or that Icebreaker questions

Simple Icebreaker questions to have fun! Coffee or tea? Football or Soccer?

Business Icebreaker questions

Get ready for a great time at the office!

Icebreakers for adults (SFW)

Have you ever wondered what the best team building questions are for your company?

Icebreaker game questions

In the mood to play an Icebreaker game with your colleagues at work? Use these fun Icebreaker questions to get everyone going.

What if style questions

What if you could fly? What if aliens landed on earth? Great questions to have unlimited fun Icebreaker conversations.

Icebreakers for reflection

Our list of ice-breaker questions will help your co-workers overcome initial awkwardness and become more social.

Curated for 2021

Great Icebreaker questions for remote teams and scrum masters to use before meetings. Updated fresh for 2021!

Hypothetical Icebreaker questions

Start a fun conversation and bond with your team using these awesome Icebreaker questions

Funny Icebreakers

Team building questions are a great way to ensure everyone is having fun and having a good time.

Get to know you questions

Team building questions to bring out the team spirit and better synergy in your company!

High engagement Icebreaker questions

Use these team building questions to make your team feel more engaged and get to know them better!

For small groups

Today, I’m going to introduce you to some team building questions that will make your team members feel great about themselves

Best suited for work

Whether you’re looking for quick wits or an all out laugh-a-thon, use these team building questions for work!

Have you ever style

When you don’t know what to say, and when you’re feeling a little shy in your career, here are some great team building questions to ask.

Icebreaker questions for holiday

The more preparation you give yourself, the better prepared you will be for your holiday party. In this article I have gathered some Icebreaker questions that will help you prepare for those holidays coming up.

If you could style questions

Use our list of Icebreaker questions to help you get to know your co-workers. It’s also a great tool for fostering teambuilding and making your workplace more exciting.

Online Icebreakers

The Icebreaker questions on this list will help you to engage with your co-workers, bond with them, and break the ice.

Quick Icebreaker questions

You can easily engage with your team members by using our team building Icebreaker list of questions.

Random Icebreaker questions

With a wide range of interesting topics, you’re sure to be able to generate conversations among your co-workers and create a more positive work environment.

Icebreaker questions to ask

Ask these Icebreaker questions to have fun with your team and build trust

Unique Icebreaker questions

We brainstormed really unique questions for you to use in your next team building activity.

Would you rather style questions

You were wondering what should you say to your coworkers without being weird and pushy? We’ve got a list of funny, modern, and smart Icebreakers for you right here!

Play desert island with your team

Not many people play this game, mostly because it's too hard. But I've played it with my whole team and we've had a blast. Here are a few Icebreaker questions you should ask before you start playing.

Free Icebreaker questions website

Sign up to customise your own Icebreaker questions, or read the most popular Icebreaker questions on our website below.

Either or Icebreaker questions

Either or breaker is a great type question that presents two alternatives. Use them to prompt your players into making a quick decision.

Free Icebreaker questions generator

Kaapi’s free Icebreaker generator lets you create as many question sets as you like!

Have fun at Halloween

The idea of Halloween parties is full of tomfoolery and fun. To make it that much fun for you and your team, you'll need these Icebreaker questions!

Icebreaker Questions for Zoom meetings

Curated Icebreaker questions to lighten up the mood during your next Zoom call. Zoom meetings will never be boring again!

Best Christmas Icebreaker questions

No one wants to spend their Christmas weekend at home watching TV. Here are a few useful Christmas Icebreaker questions to get you into Christmas spirit!