Leadership: Blooper Reels

A sneak peek into the failures, learnings & career growth of modern company builders.
Shravya Reddy

Shravya learned that leadership is not about enforcing rules

I worked in ops, strategy & business development at Schlumberger in my early career. I was there for 6 years, and since then I have been a director running our family business in Hyderabad - an emerging school in South India called Presidency High School.
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Srikrishnan Ganesan

Sri learned to delegate faster and sooner

I started my career as a product manager, so I wasn't managing teams but I had to influence and work closely with them. This was my first 4 years. And then I went to a startup, joined as head of product and pretty much built the team over there.
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Sanam Rawal

Sanam learned that leaders should always show the big picture

Well, my leadership journey started when I was 24 years young. I was given an opportunity to kick start the talent acquisition unit within Blume Ventures, which is a venture capital firm. We help all portfolio companies with their recruitment requirements!
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