Fun icebreaker check-ins

Stop having pointless Zoom calls

Kaapi automatically collects status updates before meetings. And creates a team report. So you get to focus on resolving issues. Not managing meetings.
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Fewer, better meetings

  • Get asynchronous updates in advance

    With that out of the way, use the meeting to focus on collaboration, brainstorming and resolving issues.

  • 30+ meeting templates

    Create your own. Or choose from proven templates like project retrospectives, daily standup, quarterly planning and more..

How meeting routines work

Customise it for your workflow

Setup any cadence you want e.g. send these 3 questions to marketing team, every Wednesday at 5 PM, before the weekly review meeting.

  • Easy setup
  • Perfect for remote teams
Automate your meetings

Well formatted status updates

Our simple editor makes it easy for anyone to format their notes. Which means better documentation. And highlighting of important agenda items.

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Integrate with Slack

Kaapi works where work already happens. Push meeting updates to business tools like Slack. And keep everyone in the loop, without them having to learn a new tool.

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30+ meeting templates to get you started

Daily scrum meeting template

Stop wasting time in "daily huddles". Use this easy to use meeting template to conduct your scrum progress updates with the entire team completely virtually!

One on one meeting template

If you are a manager, having a good actionable meeting template is an important part of your toolkit! Use this free template to run efficient 1 on 1 meetings.

Skip level meeting template

Have multiple layers of management in your team? Use this template to get a pulse of your skip level team members. You will be surprised by what you find.

Daily standup meeting template

Use this daily standup template to get quick status updates, identify roadblocks and keep your projects running smoothly. Save time in meetings, and focus on work that matters!

End of year review template

A great template and questions library for the dreaded end of review meeting. Includes helpful tips on how to conduct that meeting effectively.

First meeting with new team

Worried about leading a new team and starting on the right foot? Use this proven meeting template to setup a great agenda to kickstart work.

Retrospective meeting template

A comprehensive template to conduct efficient retrospective meetings. Perfect for scrum masters, remote team leaders and project managers alike!

Progress problems plans - PPP template

This is our personal favourite meeting template! Use it in your daily standups, weekly reviews and even during regular project review meetings.

Weekly status report template

Proven weekly status report templates to run great review meetings and keep your team aligned. It's free to use, includes a downloadable checklist and fully customisable!

Marketing Team Meeting Agenda Template

Want better marketing? Focus on building a great cadence with your marketing team. Use this template to setup a great agenda for your next meeting.

Notion template 1 on 1 meetings

Use this free Notion template to completely manage your 1 on 1 meetings remotely! Download once and edit it to customise into your workflow.

Quarterly meeting agenda template

Good leaders don't just execute well. They plan well too. Use this template to brainstorm with your team in a fully async manner and plan for the quarter

Absolutely looove using Kaapi for our standup meetings! Brilliantly simple and succinct product.

Diwank Tomer

Status updates from Kaapi are an integral part of our daily work! And we love the personalised support we get!

Anuj Chhabria

My team uses a tool called Kaapi to handle our remote standups, and they sent out this important call to action today.

Angelique Weger
Frontend Lead
Lumen Learning
Stuck in never ending zoom calls?

Manage your business, not meetings

What if I told you that there is a way to cut your meetings by half? And 2x your team's alignment at the same time?

2 weeks free trial. No credit card required.