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If you are a young startup CXO (10 - 80 employees), or a senior leader (4 - 12 direct reports); you will love Kaapi. Building startups is hard; but leadership doesn't have to be. We built Kaapi to solve this. And in a way, for ourselves too. We are lucky to play a small part in the leadership journey of 180+ companies until now, and we will continue to solve this problem.

❌ It is NOT a good fit if you are a HR professional, or want to deploy an employee experience platform across a large enterprise. Sorry.


Use Kaapi to spark fun watercooler conversations with your team over Slack.

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“The culture question around personal win was great! We are using it in the town hall to celebrate successes”
Lorenzo Peracchione
Co-founder at Bukukas
“I am already improving our internal team engagement activities based on the employee feedback I got"
Samuel Baddoo
COO at [re]start
“Loved the easy setup and ability to get a pulse of our team during an abrupt transition to remote work"
Manik Mehta
Founder & CEO at Omnify

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