Latest updates

New feature releases, improvements, and bug fixes to Kaapi.

2nd July '20

  • All checkins are now private - only managers can see all answers

27th June '20

  • Bulk add your team members into Kaapi!
  • Request for old data
  • Get weekly excel reports over email

19th June '20

  • Show timings of when checkins go out
  • Handle Slack edge cases e.g. user deleted, invalid_code
  • If questions get over for a category, now they will be refreshed and recycled with more from the library

17th June '20

  • Handle Slack exceptions when user is deactivated etc
  • Fixed images not loading issue
  • Added signup emails, and Slack DM to manager when settings changed

5th June '20 🎉

  • We are live on the Slack Directory!
  • Managers can now personalise check-in question types from the dashboard

28th May '20

  • Managers can now add / remove team members from dashboard

25th May '20

  • Added timezone aware message notifications for managers
  • Optimised fetching of user info to be faster

17th May '20

  • Update home tab with cleaner design
  • Ability to add multiple new types of check-in questions e.g. radio buttons, paragraph boxes