Weekly status report

Automatic team check-ins

Get asynchronous status reports for daily standups, weekly reports and sprint retrospectives from your team. Kaapi will even remind those who don't fill in time. Integrates with Slack too!

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Just add your team and start. Easy, peasy.

Proven templates

Crowdsourced by personally interviewing other leaders.

Timezone friendly

We automatically send check-ins at local timezones.

More templates

Daily scrum

Stop wasting time in "daily huddles". Use this easy to use meeting template to conduct your scrum progress updates with the entire team completely virtually!

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Start stop continue

Use this excellent agenda format to zoom out and review the status of your projects! It's also perfect to get feedback on yourself as a leader.

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One on one meeting - Excel

One of the most no-frills way to document your one on one meetings is over an excel sheet. You can use different columns for notes, todos etc

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