Slack standup bot for remote teams

Daily standup meetings, weekly status reports, automatic reminders to team and much more. All inside Slack.
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Fully native Slack experience

Add your team. Send them reminders to give status updates. Automatic status reports. And all this without leaving Slack.

  • Customisable templates
  • Scrum ready

Customise it into your workflow

Different teams require different standup formats. And that is why we built Kaapi to be completely configurable. Change timings, Slack channels to post in and more!

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Standup meeting templates

Remote one on one meeting

If you are a remote manager, having a good actionable meeting template is an important part of your toolkit! Run your 1 on 1 meetings completely asynchronously!

1 on 1 meetings in Notion

Use this free Notion template to completely manage your 1 on 1 meetings remotely! Download once and edit it to customise into your workflow.

Daily standup meeting

Use this daily standup template to get quick status updates, identify roadblocks and keep your projects running smoothly. Save time in meetings, and focus on work that matters!

Weekly status report for remote teams

Proven weekly status report templates to run great review meetings and keep your team aligned. It's free to use, includes a downloadable checklist and fully customisable!

Customer  ❤️

Absolutely looove using Kaapi for our standup meetings! Brilliantly simple and succinct product.

Diwank Tomer

Status updates from Kaapi are an integral part of our daily work! And we love the personalised support we get!

Anuj Chhabria

My team likes Kaapi for having a consistent template for their standups and the simplicity of the multiple-choice answers!

Angelique Weger
Frontend Lead
Lumen Learning

See daily reports inside Slack

We automagically generate easy to read daily reports! Search via name, see blockers and mark important team updates to take action on them.

  • Download excel reports
  • Rich text editor
Are updates posted in Slack channel?

Yes you can tell the bot to post everyone's updates in your team's Slack channel.

Is it possible to change standup timings?

Totally! You can change frequency (daily, weekly) or timing (any from 12 AM to 11 PM)

Can I create my own standup template?

Yes! You can choose your own question titles and format to fit your workflow.

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21 days free trial. No credit card required.