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Automate your daily standup meetings

Just add your team and done! Kaapi bot will send reminders to your team to give daily status updates. And even generate reports when done.

  • Customisable templates
  • Scrum ready
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Customise it to your workflow for free

Different teams require different standup formats. And that is why we built Kaapi to be completely configurable. Change timings, Slack channels to post in and more!

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See daily standup reports inside Slack

We automagically generate easy to read daily reports! Search via name, see blockers and mark important team updates to take action on them.

  • Download excel reports
  • Rich text editor
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Are updates posted in Slack channel?

Yes you can tell the bot to post everyone's updates in your team's Slack channel.

Is it possible to change standup timings?

Totally! You can change frequency (daily, weekly) or timing (any from 12 AM to 11 PM)

Can I create my own standup template?

Yes! You can choose your own question titles and format to fit your workflow. Email support if you need help

Your search for a simple daily standup bot within Slack ends here. Kaapi is deeply integrated with latest Slack features like Home tab, reminders and channel notifications to ensure a great experience for every standup attendee.

This is how Slack daily standups work in Kaapi bot:

Standup meeting templates

One on one meeting

If you are a manager, having a good actionable meeting template is an important part of your toolkit! Use this free template to run efficient 1 on 1 meetings.

1 on 1 meetings in Notion

Use this free Notion template to completely manage your 1 on 1 meetings remotely! Download once and edit it to customise into your workflow.

Daily standup meeting

Use this daily standup template to get quick status updates, identify roadblocks and keep your projects running smoothly. Save time in meetings, and focus on work that matters!

Customer  ❤️ for Kaapi

My team likes Kaapi for having a consistent template for their standups and the simplicity of the multiple-choice answers!

Angelique Weger
Frontend Lead
Lumen Learning

Status updates from Kaapi are an integral part of our daily work! And we love the personalised support we get!

Anuj Chhabria

Absolutely looove using Kaapi for our standup meetings! Brilliantly simple and succinct product.

Diwank Tomer

How to evaluate a good standup bot

It's a good thing that tools are constantly getting better, but that also leads to a lot of confusions on choosing the best ones. Here are some important factors according to us when it comes to choosing the right standup tool for your Slack workspace:


Every team, and in fact every project, has their own unique requirements when it comes to standup meetings. Some teams prefer short templates with just one question like "What are your plans today?" where as others prefer a longer report. Whatever your use case might be, remember to choose a standup tool that allows these customisations.

Another thing that you might want to change are the timings of the standup reminders, and the name of your team's Slack channel!

Not too spammy

Some standup tools end up bombarding the team members when the time comes. They will send messages on the team channel, private DMs and even emails! This is an absolute no-no and should be avoided

Allow for markdown editing & Slack emojis

The best Slack standup tools not only give you familiar editing shortcuts like `code_block` and *bold* but also support emojis out of the box. After all, there is no fun without emojis, right! 

Creation of reports

This is important especially if you have a large team. Every team leader and scrum master needs a simple to read overview of the standup meeting!

Easy installation and use

This one is obvious! You don't want to waste hours setting up the tool, or have a steep learning curve. A good standup tool works in the background without being a burden on you.

Chat based vs form based

Most tools take inputs from team members in a chat based format, like a bot. But that can sometimes be confusing because the bots do not understand plain english fully! A simple modal form can work wonders and in my opinion is a better user experience too.

If you are in a hurry, check out some of the most popular standup templates below to simply copy paste and use!

Daily standup question template

  1. What did you accomplish yesterday?
  2. What are you working on today?
  3. Any blockers?

This is also the default template for standups in Kaapi. You can even change it to an evening format within Kaapi if you want

  1. What did you accomplish today?
  2. What are your plans for tomorrow?
  3. Do you need any help from someone?

Weekly status report question template

  1. What are you most proud of accomplishing this week
  2. What are three important things you have planned for next week?
  3. Would you like to thank somebody for the special work they did this week?

Most managers and scrum masters use the weekly questions in Kaapi to help remote team members introspect on the week that went by.

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