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How to run a standup meeting (remote work 2021 update)

Everything you need to know for effective daily standups

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Daily standup 'meetings' are NOT important

Do you really need to call for another meeting?

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What is a standup meeting

Standup meetings are used by teams to revise yesterday's work and plan for the day together. These were popularised by agile & scrum methodologies in large tech companies. The way it works is pretty simple, in theory:

What are you working on today? Good to summarise yesterday's work
How was yesterday? Align everyone on same page about today
Do you need any help? Remove roadblocks if any

How to run a good standup meeting

We have exhaustively run about this topic before, and the following guides should be useful:

But if I was to summarise the best tips to run a standup meeting, I would recommend that you:

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