1-on-1 meetings

Learn best practices and tips on conducting 1 on 1 meetings as a leader

You should read some of our guides like common 1-on-1 mistakes & best questions to get into details. But in summary, it really boils down to a few tips that you should always keep in mind.

Tips for effective one on one meetings (detailed guides below)

More startup CEOs should do skip level meetings

Doing skip level meetings well is what separates great leaders from the good ones.

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Nervous about your first one on one meeting? Use this.

Possibly the most important meeting to kickstart a new relationship

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Best questions for remote 1 on 1 meetings

Make the most of your 1-on-1 meetings as a remote leader

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Kaapi's 101 guide to thrive in remote work

Working remotely is a superpower; not a roadblock.

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What is a one on one meeting

The definition is pretty obvious here, right? But if you are a newly promoted manager, the prospect of doing 1 on 1 meetings can be daunting! In theory it's pretty simple - this is a meeting you do with every individual team member who reports to you!

The purpose of one on one meetings

As a leader, you should utilise this meeting to:

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