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Learn how to gather continuous feedback from your team, and become a better leader!

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Look, I am not going to get into a tirade about the importance of taking and giving employee feedback at work. Feedback is how you get better. It's how you build trust and a team that work together to improve their performance. Rather, let's talk about how to do it:

System to collect employee feedback

The first thing you need to do is to setup a proper system to listen for feedback. A process with which you can encourage your people to stand up for each other, call out things that can get better and give a pat-on-the-back for things that are being done well.

Ideally, as a manager, you should be proactively reaching out to your team once a week and ask for feedback. Send them a question or a topic and request for their inputs on it. It really is that simple! We wrote more about this in our guide for employee motivation here.

Automate this using the right tools

You can request your team to give you feedback over email, Whatsapp, or Slack. Try to stick to a communication platform that your team is already comfortable with. A slight improvement is to use tools like Google Form and collect the responses as a survey. But the right thing of course would be to use specialised employee pulse survey tools that are built for this exact purpose. Such tools help you to:

If you want to get started with your own surveys, here are some questions to help you get started.

What not to do

Feedback can be a tricky thing. Many times, we as human beings are biased in giving feedback. And sometimes the person to whom we are giving feedback to does not take it in the right way. Here are some basic tips to setup the right employee feedback systems:

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