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All-in-one remote work toolkit to run employee morale surveys, play team building games & improve team productivity. Without needing HR..
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Remote team building activities

Our 3100+ strong library of Icebreaker questions are perfect to break the ice in a remote team. They make people smile, and everyone participates. Great for getting to know each other!

Play fun games together

Boost employee morale

Kaapi sends regular team check-ins. To get you inputs from them on morale, feedback on your leadership, project alignment and more ..

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Run effective meetings

Kaapi automatically collects team status updates. So you get to focus on resolving issues. Not managing meetings.

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  • Perfect for busy managers
Automate status updates

I am already improving our internal team engagement activities based on the employee feedback I got.

Samuel Baddoo

Loved the easy setup and ability to help the team have fun together during an abrupt transition to remote work

Manik Mehta

Kaapi helps to keep those light weight checkins going and also helps us get to know each other better as a team!

Srikrishnan Ganesan

Absolutely looove using Kaapi for our standup meetings! Brilliantly simple and succinct product.

Diwank Tomer

We're a remote team of 19. Slack is our office. Kaapi is our uber-cool Chief People Officer.

Pramod Rao

The culture question around personal win was great! We are using it in the town hall to celebrate successes.

Lorenzo Peracchione

Status updates from Kaapi are an integral part of our daily work! And we love the personalised support we get!

Anuj Chhabria

Slack integration

Kaapi works where work already happens. If you already use Slack at work, you will love Kaapi.

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2 weeks free trial. No credit card required.