Meeting templates for remote work

Automate routine work like daily standups, weekly-checkins and more. Great for scrum masters and remote managers.

One on one meeting

If you are a manager, having a good actionable meeting template is an important part of your toolkit! Use this free template to run efficient 1 on 1 meetings.

1 on 1 meetings in Notion

Use this free Notion template to completely manage your 1 on 1 meetings remotely! Download once and edit it to customise into your workflow.

Daily standup meeting

Use this daily standup template to get quick status updates, identify roadblocks and keep your projects running smoothly. Save time in meetings, and focus on work that matters!

Weekly status report

Proven weekly status report templates to run great review meetings and keep your team aligned. It's free to use, includes a downloadable checklist and fully customisable!

Automate your team check-ins

Kaapi can help you send automatic recurring questions to your team, and even remind them if needed. So that you get to focus on real work, not getting lost in meetings.
10 sec setup

No boring & steep learning curve. Just add your team and start.

Research backed

We crowdsourced our 110+  questions by personally interviewing other leaders.

Built for remote teams

Your team is global, but we automatically send questions at local timezones.

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