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Whatโ€™s an open startup?

A business that embraces openness & transparency! These startups share their learnings, insights and business numbers publicly with the community.

Who inspired us to do this?

Check out some amazing work being done at Baremetrics, Buffer, Nomadlist, Ghost. Or read this article for a good summary by the folks at Leavemealone app

Why and & how do we do this?

Iย don't want to be the one to make a checklist out of this. It's a philosophy and not really a copy-pastable set of action items. But at a very top level, think of the entire social media as your board of investors. You share your progress with them, you ask for help when needed and they get to participate and advise you in your journey.

And this is also the why. Imagine having the entire internet rooting for you. When you share your story with your fellow humans, they not just follow you along, but also become your cheerleaders.

How long will we do this?

It's almost become second nature for us now. So we will continue to do it in the near future.

What if your competitors copy you?

So what if they do?

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