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32 best team building questions for remote workers

Use these questions to bond your remote team, strengthen relationships and have fun.

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Team building exercise questions

49 good questions you can ask your team-mates as part of an effective team building exercise.

Questions for workplace

A curated set of proven questions to help create that right atmosphere in your workplace and bring everyone together.

Questions of the day

A great team building question a day keeps the loneliness away.

Getting to know you questions

A growing list of "getting to know you" questions to help you improve your workplace relationships. Best used within a team!

Debrief team building activity

A simple set of questions to help debrief any team activity!

Open ended questions

Are you a team leader or an HR conducting a team building exercise? Use these open ended questions to get everyone together!

Team building discussions

Use these discussion topics to have fun with the team, build trust and get everyone together!

Questions for reflection

Help your team members reflect on important topics, while still having fun together in the team building exercise with these questions.

Team building poll

Host your next team building activity by start asking these questions. Fun ways to poll your team on important issues!

Questions over dinner

It can be difficult to find the right team bonding questions to ask at a company event! So we compiled the most popular ones for you.

Questions for coworkers

Team building questions that help coworkers feel more connected and productive.

Funny team building questions

The best team building questions are the ones that leave everyone with a smile and help them remember the moment forever.

Questions for adults

Best team building questions for adults to use in the workplace. Great for any team building activities at work.

Questions for employees

These questions can help build relationships, improve productivity, and help build a strong team culture.

Team building survey questions

Use the survey questions below to help create that right atmosphere for your team building exercise.

Curated in 2021

Refreshed in 2021! Whether you are the team manager / coach / facilitator, this list of questions will help you and your team to build trust and develop better relationships.

For remote workers & employees

Use these questions to bond your remote team, strengthen relationships and have fun.

Suited for staff meetings

Use these free questions to conduct team building exercises with your staff before starting meetings.

Best questions to ask

A guide on the best questions to ask your team members to help them bond & get closer together as a team.

Thought provoking questions

Here are some questions that will help you and your team to think, discuss and introspect about your career, aspirations, challenges, how you are feeling & also some good ol' fun.

Best for work

If you are a manager or HR, use these questions at work to bring your team closer!

Check in with team

Here are some team building questions that you can ask your team to checkin on their health and progress.