Business Update - Mar '20

Business Update - Mar '20

Our business updates for March!

This was a coding sprint month, and time went by really fast! The last two weeks were kinda crazy, with India going on a complete lockdown. But looks like we came out better from it; with increased clarity on what to build and execution focus since there are hardly any other distractions around.


  • MRR - nil, not launched yet
  • NPS - nil, not launched yet
  • Runway (+3 months) - 12 months, Mar' 21 (was able to close a consulting deal last week!)

Biggest wins

  • The basic v1 is ready. A manager can install our slack app, add direct reports and then we send a weekly checkin to those employees. Employees can also answer these questions.
  • We should be able to submit the app to Slack store by 7th April as expected. Only remaining feature is the ability to generate reports for the manager from various answers given by the employees.
  • On the personal side —> Health and family life (being locked in same house with your spouse doesn't mean shit if you don't step away from the laptop) took a hit

Help needed

  • Need to increase the number of people who are part of our beta program. Do you know any manager who might find Kaapi well?

What didn't go well

  • We were not able to setup infra really well, and went back and forth between MySQL and Postgres. And the serverless route that we took demanded extra setup time..

Plans for April '20

  • Have 10 managers who have confirmed to be a part of the beta program. At least 5 of them should start using the app i.e. start checkins
  • Get slack app approved at the store (not really in our hands, but ensure the submission guidelines are met by us before submitting)

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