Business update - June '20

Business update - June '20

Our business updates for June!


Time sure flies by! We launched on ProductHunt. Earliest beta customers have started to move into paid plans (got our first two - one annual, one monthly)


  • MRR - 40$ (+40)
  • Active teams - 76 (+57)
  • Active users - 458 (+257)
  • Product adoption - 59% of questions (rolling twice weekly) are answered by employees
  • Churned teams - 1 (+1)
  • NPS - n/a
  • Runway - Mar' 21

Biggest wins

  • First paid customers!
  • Decently successful ProductHunt launch

What didn't go well

  • We were in full marketing and customer support mode and couldn't do much on the product side
  • We still haven't solved the issue of not having a payment gateway

Help needed

  • 82% of our managers are tech startup CEOs. This is skewed because of two major reasons - our personal network, and being a Slack app.
  • What are your views on focusing on just niche? This will change product roadmap a lot though! e.g. CEOs of any company more than 50+ people would want cool looking analytics and live charts

Plans for July

  • Make Kaapi actionable! Managers can start new threads with the employee who gave the feedback, mark feedback as to-do later, and also see which feedback points they have not acted upon
  • Get Whatsapp API! So that we can then send check-ins over Whatsapp too

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