Everything you need to know to have fun together as a remote team

What are team meeting Icebreakers?

That's in the name itself! A lot of situations at work require one to break the ice first. Otherwise the meetings end up being too formal, cliched and boring. Breaking the ice before starting a group work helps everyone be at ease with each other and increase camaraderie.

Most managers and scrum masters use a combination of fun questions and simple games to kickstart a meeting.

Should you do Icebreakers in every meeting?

Well, Icebreakers are well suited for almost all kind of meetings! Personally I love using simple questions to lighten the mood and ensure that meetings are not too templatised! Unless the agenda is too serious, I would recommend to go ahead and use Icebreakers at will.

Some of the usual meetings in which managers (especially those managing a remote team) use Icebreakers:

and more!

Special points for remote teams

Examples of good team building questions

You should always try to personalise them for your team, and make it contextual e.g. inside jokes! But in case you are looking for a pre-built library of such questions, you can read more at this article.

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