Aditya Rao

Founder & CEO
“Happiness of pursuit.”

I am one of the two founders at Kaapi. I love hiking, road-trips, and the world wide web.

Blog Posts

Business update - December '20

Got our first paid churn, ouch!

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Choosing a modern employee feedback tool for your remote team

Want to buy an employee feedback tool for your remote team but confused how?

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Business update - Sep '20

We fell into the trap of perfection vs done

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I self-learned to code at 30. And so can you.

You can build your first software project in just 234 hours of practice.

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Product Hunt launch - Post mortem report & tips

Traffic & signup data post our ProductHunt launch

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Kaapi's 101 guide to thrive in remote work

Working remotely is a superpower; not a roadblock.

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Business Update - Feb '20

Our business update for Feb!

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Our Hardcore Year - getting to 1000$ MRR

Our journey of taking Kaapi to 1000$ MRR

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