Business Update - April '20

Ankit Arora

The tl;dr for this month probably would be "Customer Development". We opened up our first few beta slots and onboarded our first customers! Based on the first few learnings, we now also have a good idea about the product roadmap for May '20.


  • MRR - 0
  • Number of users - 10 managers, 70 employees in those 10 teams.
  • Engagement - 58 check-in questions have gone out to these employees, with 31 answers back to the manager.
  • NPS - n/a
  • Runway - Mar' 21

Biggest wins

What didn't go well

  • ❗️Bunch of things failed for some of our earliest users. Should have built test cases (maybe!)
  • ❌ Our question personalisation engine is still manual. And we update the next checkin title etc. in our DB every week for all users. This hit a ceiling way faster than what we were expecting.

Plans for May '20

  • Build more powerful checkins --> multiple questions in the same checkin, customisable frequency
  • Automated personalised checkins --> give the power to the manager to customise their order of questions in a checkin

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