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Get a pulse of your remote team

via thoughtful check-ins from our question bank

"Is everyone happy and motivated?"

People quit their managers, not the company. Find out what makes your team tick, their current mood and the gaps you need to fill for a better workplace.

  • 20+ questions
  • Perfect for startup managers

"How can I help my remote team have fun together?"

Missing spontaneous water cooler conversations at office? Kaapi breaks the monotony with fun Icebreakers. Perfect for your people to bond together.


"Is everyone on the same page?"

Expertly crafted questions that are proven to get you actionable feedback from your team on goals, progress and productivity.

You can even set up daily stand-ups or weekly status updates.

"Can we build better team culture?"

Get a pulse of how your people feel about the larger mission & values. Encourage pats on the back, celebrate wins, and find out who is not in sync with your cultural values.

Built for startup CXOs & leaders

A simple secret to leadership. Listen to your people, and act on the feedback.
110+ research backed questions

We crowdsourced our question bank from 40+ remote leaders & collecting what works for them.

Start in 10 seconds

There is no learning curve. Just enter employee names in Slack and you are good to go.

2.3x higher responses

It's super easy for employees to answer questions. A few clicks inside Slack, and done! 

Timezone friendly

Your team might work from anywhere, but we automatically send questions at local timezones.



Use Kaapi to spark fun watercooler conversations with your team over Slack.

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“The culture question around personal win was great! We are using it in the town hall to celebrate successes”
Lorenzo Peracchione
Co-founder at Bukukas
“I am already improving our internal team engagement activities based on the employee feedback I got"
Samuel Baddoo
COO at [re]start
“Loved the easy setup and ability to get a pulse of our team during an abrupt transition to remote work"
Manik Mehta
Founder & CEO at Omnify

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Build a happy, high performance remote team

21 days free trial. No credit card required.