Ankit Arora

Founder & CTO

I am one of the founders at Kaapi. Curious, generalist, lazy software engineer, automate everything.

Blog Posts

This is how you identify signs of low morale at work

What are the lagging indictors of low morale?

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Best questions for remote 1 on 1 meetings

Make the most of your 1-on-1 meetings as a remote leader

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Business update - February '21

Our first month of gross MRR decrease

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Business update - January '21

We are ramen profitable now!

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Our product analysis & learnings 2020

As a product team, you don't know your customers as much as you think you do

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We went serverless. And you should (probably) too.

Want to save time, and ship things quickly? Serverless might be a great option for you!

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Business update - June '20

Our business updates for June!

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The surprisingly simple science of goal setting

Making the right decision is 100x more impactful than execution.

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Business update - May '20

Our business updates for May!

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Business Update - April '20

Our business updates for April!

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Business Update - Mar '20

Our business updates for March!

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