Business update - Aug '20

Ankit Arora


Now at $240 MRR. Apart from that, was a slower month for us - we focused on laying down the architecture for our web app. Neither me, nor Ankit are good at front end coding so this is taking more time. MVP for that is ready on staging now!


  • MRR --> $240$ (+ 100)
  • Active teams --> 24 (+ 14) (saw a few word of mouth and social media installs)
  • Active users --> 333 (+ 151)
  • Churned paying teams --> 0
  • NPS --> n/a
  • Runway - March 2021 (-1)

Biggest wins

  • 2 more annual subscriptions
  • Launched icebreaker checkins - a weekend experiment ended up having great pull from customers

What’s not working well

Few teams are seeing decrease in employee response rate to the weekly Kaapi checkins. We are a bit worried that employees get bored of such questions. Or lose trust in such surveys because managers haven’t acted on the past feedback.

Need to implement a few solutions to see if they work. We might be seeing our first paid churn otherwise

Plans for September

  • Need to automate many of the customer support work I do e.g. create custom timings and questions for a team. It’s very quickly getting overwhelming
  • Launch the web dashboard

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